In the state of Colorado, Acupuncturists are considered Medical Providers offering Critical Care.

There are significant changes that are now required of the clinic and therefore significant changes to your experience. This will be a transition for all of us and I appreciate your understanding and patience. 


I have summed up what you can expect from the new experience in the clinic:

  • When you arrive you’ll wait in your car until a few minutes prior to your treatment.
  • Please enter the building with a mask. Head straight to the bathroom to wash your hands first
  • Please find the indicated location on the floor for where to stand and wait for your temperature to be taken
  • I will come out ASAP to take your temperature and we’ll head straight to your treatment room. (please keep your mask on and do not wear gloves into the clinic) I will also be wearing a mask 🙂
  • We will briefly check in and get you on the table for your treatment. You will be asked to keep your mask on for the entire duration of your treatment so pick the right mask/gaiter for this experience (!!)
  • I will take needles out and you will leave without stopping for scheduling or payment

Read below for more details to this new experience

Updated list on what to expect for now:

  • At your appointment time ~

    • If you are early, please wait in your car until your treatment time.
    • Please use the bathroom ahead of time and wash your hands
    • At your treatment time, please wait outside the clinic on a designated spot identified by tape on the floor.
    • As soon as I can get you, I will come out, take your temperature and we will go in together
    • **if you have a temperature over 100 degrees, I cannot see you. To avoid this happening, please also take temperature at home before heading to your appointment
  • New scheduling style ~

    • After temp check, we will head straight to your treatment room and do intake there (no more intake room first)
    • I am adopting a new style schedule so that no two patients should be arriving or leaving at the same time
    • CON: we will have less time than before for our check ins
    • PRO: you will have more time for your treatment
  • Masks, masks for everybody ~ 

    • I will have a non-cloth mask on at all times
    • You must wear a mask or gaiter covering your nose and mouth at all times in the building (including during your treatment) – this can be a mask of whatever material and I strongly suggest you wear the most comfortable one possible 
    • If you forget a mask, I will have various mask options for purchase
  • Treatment Rooms ~

    • The treatment rooms must be clear of all non-essential items/materials
  • Sauna room ~

    • The sauna room is now a 3rd treatment room
    • Anyone with credit for the sauna can use that credit towards acupuncture or be reimbursed
  • Social Distancing

    • Please maintain social distancing within the office
    • I share the space with other providers who may or may not have clients coming and going. Please give space whenever possible
  • WEDNESDAY now designated for age 65+/”High-Risk”

    • Please contact the clinic to schedule an appointment
    • Appointment times available 9-3pm
    • If you are over 65 years old or are high risk and want to keep your appointment on a different day of the week, that is fine. You are not required to move to Wednesdays.
  • Payments & Scheduling

    • In an effort to limit contact at the desk, I plan to take payments by running cards on file or sending an invoice via email.
    • If you write checks, please bring your own pen
    • To reschedule, I will send you options via text or email. You can also schedule online.
  • Closure ~

    • At any point, I may have to close due to county or state recommendation. I will call patients within 24 hours and send an email to everyone else.

In summary, here are changes required of you:

  • Come wearing a mask and expect to keep it on at all times
  • Wash your hands prior to entry
  • No gloves please
  • Limit materials you bring into your appointment, only necessary items
  • Limit touching surfaces when in the clinic
  • Please come alone to your treatment, unless you require assistance


At the clinic, we are doing everything to keep a clean space. If you would like to know what we are doing, please click this link to see our updated cleaning procedures.

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