Digestive Health

Did you know…

That your body is giving you daily feedback about how things are going internally? If you are not having daily bowels that are formed, complete and without a serious odor, you should be listening!



Although Hippocrates has been regarded as one of the most notable health philosophers ever, we seem to have overlooked some of his wisdom. Although modern science has also informed us of the importance in maintaining proper gut health, the rates of obesity continue to skyrocket, gluten-free is a common appearance in conventional supermarkets and diagnoses like IBS or IBD are given regularly. All this is due to a combination of factors and many of those are debated. However, it is undeniable that processed foods correlate with this shift in our digestion. Processed food means the food has been changed into an unnatural form in order to make our lives easier. Food on the go for our busy lives. If I had to choose, I would name this as the largest contributor of poor digestive health.

Trying to explain why digestive health is so crucial to overall health feels like an overwhelming undertaking. Digestive health impacts our immune health, our brain functioning… In fact, it impacts our whole body system. It is our foundation from which we function.

Do you have:

  • gas
  • bloating
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • stomach pains
  • pains before or during passing stool
  • foul smelling stool
  • acid reflux
  • brain fog
  • forgetfulness

These are all signs that your body is not happy internally. It could be as simple as getting on the RIGHT probiotic, or introducing prebiotics into your diet. Make an appointment and come in to change your health before its too late.


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