An Integrative Approach
An Integrative Approach

Injury & Surgery Recovery

Whether you are recovering from an Injury, want to avoid surgery or would like to improve your post-operative care … We’ve got you covered!


How does acupuncture help Injury & Surgery Recovery?

Very small needles are placed safely around the affected area in order to induce a positive micro-trauma response by the body. This style treatment will encourage your body to continue healing itself.

How many treatments do I need?

This is entirely dependent on how your body responds.

To maximize results in the case of Acute Injury, it is best to schedule the first 3-5 treatments as close together as we can. Often times that is enough for recovery since the body is apt to respond quickly


In the case of someone hoping to avoid surgery with Chronic Injury, it is recommended to set up 3-5 treatments as close together as we can initially, since the benefit is cumulative. Once we have established a track to recovery, we would likely set up an ongoing maintenance plan of 1-4 treatments per month


In the case of Surgery Care, we strongly encouraged 1-2 treatments before surgery as well as 1-3 treatments once bandages are off. Ongoing care of 1-2 treatments monthly is best in order to discourage scar tissue overgrowth and maintain integrity in the tissues.



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