An Integrative Approach
An Integrative Approach

Pediatric Care

Working with children has always come naturally for Emma, who graduated from her undergrad program in Family and Human Services. She spent 3 years working closely with multiple families as a nanny before deciding to go back to graduate school. While in acupuncture school, Emma was able to take a pediatrics class as well as a specialty clinic to learn how beneficial Chinese medicine is with children. She has since concentrated her continuing education on work children and young adults. Because of her history of working with kids, she greatly enjoys her pediatric patients and children respond so much quicker than adults, its remarkable. In her opinion, Emma believes that chinese medicine should be thought of as the first line of defense for illness with kids. This approach often save’s them from unnecessary use of antibiotics or other prescriptions.


Children respond so much quicker than adults, its remarkable! In Emma’s opinion,

Chinese medicine should be thought of as the first line of defense for illness.

Children are much more sensitive to the medicine, which is why Emma uses her Sho-ni-Shin kit (needle less tools) and diluted glycerin-based tinctures with her young patients. Shoni-shin (Japanese pediatric acupuncture) is a type of non-needle acupuncture designed specifically for the treatment of children. This style of treatment was originally developed in Japan and still remains the main modality in pediatric health care. Specialized stainless steel tools are used to tap, scratch or brush over the acupuncture pathways of the body. Many children describe it as a tickling sensation on their skin. It is often a very fun and relaxing experience for the child.


Between the ages of 4-6 most children become curious and want to try acupuncture at which point we start doing a mix of needles in and out along with Shoni-shin until they can handle a full acupuncture session. This process varies greatly from child to child and we move forward when they are ready.

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