The changing of the seasons denotes the start of new energetic cycles within our bodies, our minds and outside ourselves in the environment. Each season brings about change. Not only that, but each seasonal shift serves as an excellent opportunity for reflection and growth for each of us. Seasonal models […]

Sustaining Health: Spring Edition

With the first month of the new year coming to a end, this is the time where we are transitioning from a season of celebrations toward looking forward into the new year. Many of us may experience a type of social pressure to drum up our list of New Year’s […]

New Year’s Resolutions- Why They Don’t (Always) Work

The upcoming holiday season brings with it many things for some of us: cold weather, less sunlight, more social/family obligations, parties and celebrations, more time indoors, and greater consumption of alcohol and traditional or celebratory foods. For some, this time of year can be quite stressful with the combative fear […]

How To Stay Healthy Over the Holidays