Nutrition and Wellness Services

Our Nutrition and Wellness services are aimed at helping clients define, set, and achieve any health-related goals they may have. Special focuses include nutrition and diet, exercise, stress management, and weight loss. Our Nutrition and Wellness Educator is available to be your personal accountability partner throughout your health journey. If there are changes you wish to make regarding your health and well-being, consider teaming up with our trained Nutrition and Wellness Educator, Sara, and expand your personal support network!

What to Expect:

What is Covered in a Comprehensive Initial Intake? During a Comprehensive Initial Intake, we will go over you health and diet history together in depth based on the information that you provide in your intake forms.* This will allow for the most individualized and comprehensive care and provide a more holistic picture of you, the client. From there, we will explore various areas within your health and lifestyle that you are wanting to change or improve. We will discuss your values and motivations for making changes regarding your health as well as any barriers to change. The Comprehensive Initial Intake will also include quality health education that is catered toward your unique goals. We will discuss the specifics of the goals that you are wanting to implement in your life to ensure that they are well defined, achievable, and sustainable. These goals will be set based on a timeline structure of what you hope to achieve in one week, one month, and three months. Our goal is to set you up for maintainable success regarding any health-related goals you may have.

What is Covered in a Follow Up Consultation? This is a time for us to check-in and reflect on your health journey thus far. We will discuss how your goals have been working for you, if they need to be adjusted or maintained, and if you have any additional goals that you would like to set. This consultation may include some health education if applicable. Our goal during the Follow Up Consultation is to ensure that you are on track with your timeline goals.

Meal Plans:

Our Meal Plans are customized specifically to meet your dietary needs and personal circumstances. Individualized meal plans are perfect for any clients who wish to have more structure and guidance specifically regarding diet and food choices. Each weekly meal plan is structured to encourage meal preparation and planning and includes 5 days-worth of carefully selected recipes that are meant to be enjoyed throughout that week.** Each new meal plan requires a prior consultation appointment to explore each your personal goals, dietary preferences, and other unique parameters.

Nutrition and Wellness Service Prices:

Any Nutrition and Wellness service comes with weekly text or email check-ins to encourage accountability, make room for flexibility, and facilitate a supportive relationship between you and the practitioner.

Comprehensive Initial Intake (90 minutes)* – $89

Shortened Initial Intake (60 minutes)* – $70

Shortened Initial Intake appointments available upon request

Follow Up Consultation (45 minutes) – $49

Follow Up Phone Consultation (20 minutes) – $29

One-Week Custom Meal Plans – $35


*Intake forms are required to be filled out 24 hours prior to your initial appointment. These forms are emailed to you upon booking your appointment*

**Because our goal is to teach you about the methods of batch cooking and meal planning, your weekly meal plan may consist of any number of recipe ideas for each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The structure of you meal plan will be determined by your unique needs, goals, and schedule. Our intention is to make eating healthy as enjoyable and as convenient as possible, which is why there will be an emphasis on batch cooking and strategically utilizing leftovers to encourage sustainable healthy living.**

Disclaimer:Our services are designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your own health. Our Nutrition and Wellness Educator is meant to serve as an accountability partner and a resource while you identify, set, and achieve your own health-related goals. Our Nutrition and Wellness services are not meant to service as Medical Nutrition Therapy. The Nutrition and Wellness educator cannot prescribe supplements or any specific dietary regimens with the intention of treating any illness or condition. If you have certain conditions where such therapies would be most appropriate, please consider talking to our Licensed Acupuncturist or a Registered Dietician prior to any dietary changes. 
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